All Membership Available

All subscription memberships available.  For members to upgrade or downgrade their subscription choices.

All subscription memberships available


  • Cool and Keen (R 55pm)
  • Enthusiast (R 255)
  • Zest for Life (R 455)

(Sign up fee R750)

Student of Radiance

  • Cool and Keen (R 355pm)
  • Enthusiast (R 855)
  • Zest for Life (R 1025)

(Sign up fee R 1500)

Student of Radiance PLUS Oasis

  • Cool and Keen (R 655pm)
  • Enthusiast (R 1025)
  • Zest for Life (R 1550)

(Sign up fee R 1500)

Additional R 300 pm includes full Zest for Life Oasis Membership (valued at R 455pm).  Plus students will be awarded at least 5 points for every Oasis visit (potentially earning back their R 300, and enjoying free Oasis Membership)


Plan Level

Cool and Keen (a great start!), Enthusiast (lit up!), Zest for Life (flying high)

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