Autopilot Accommodation (1-Day Workshop)

$ 250.00

Sat, 11 March 2023

14h00 – 22h00 (GMT+2 South Africa)
(12h00 – 20h00 London;  07h00 – 15h00 New York)



Included in this booking is a post-workshop supplementary resource:

  • Perspective on Autopilot Autonomy – DIY Module
    (This booking includes 4 months free access to this self-study module ($150 as a standalone DIY workshop). See Description Area below, for more information.)

Host and Facilitation Team:

  • This workshop has committed team that is qualified to hold the level of presence required. Co-facilitation and Support: Teresa Daniels, Miriam Hollings; Programme Director and host: Janeshree Govindasamy


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This 1 day workshop is open to anyone, regardless of enneagram type or familiarity with the enneagram framework.
This programme package includes post-workshop access
to the Perspective on Accommodation DIY Module. This additional resource can be used to help reinforce, integrate, review and  supplement the live workshop. It will provide an overview of key themes and perspectives that we will in cover in the workshop, selected replay segments from workshop, as well as additional material that we were not able to include due to time constraints.  (See description area below for more)

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  • Each individual using this facility, is trusted to do do so with fairness and integrity to themselves and others, in accordance with the spirit and intention behind this.
  • A special thank you to all who have contributed to the Angel Fund, who have made it possible to provide these options for fellow travelers on their respective journeys.

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Programme Director and Host: Janeshree Govindasamy

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The focus of this programme is on how we fall asleep within the pattern of  being accommodating, the consequences of that, the reasons behind that, the necessity of breaking out of the sleepwalking state within that, and how to engage the pattern in a healthy, awake manner, from a state of presence.

We start the journey by determining what is really meant by the terms used, defining the use of the word in the human social, cultural, psychological and physical contexts.  We look at what is normal and healthy, and what the value of that is. The exploration will move to how individuals are using this pattern as a way to compensate or defend against something else, and if we are asleep to that - the misunderstandings, injuries and pain that is caused.

The goal is to provide more perspective , clarity and resource for each participant, so that they may have more room to consciously navigate life-situations with or without the strategy of being accommodating, from a place of greater presence, aware of the impact of their presence.

Bookings close:  10 March 2023

What time is this workshop?

 Saturday 11 March 2023

14h00 - 22h00 (GMT+2 South Africa)
(12h00 - 20h00 London;  07h00 - 15h00 New York)

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