Enneagram Type Seven: Deep Dive Retreat (Application and Deposit)

$ 150.00

10% deposit ($150) to proceed with application and 1st assessment session
for candidates of the Return to Presence Deep Dive Retreat, 11 – 19 Nov 2023.

(Retreat packages from $1500 – customised per person once placement is confirmed)


Application for this Retreat:

This booking allows you to pay a 10% deposit to secure your place as a candidate for this retreat. That will allow us to book the first 1:1 session (90min), which will also be used to process your application and determine if this retreat is a good match for what you are looking for. If your place is confirmed, then we can also look at how to best package your retreat for you (1:1 work, budgets, logistics, priorities etc).

This booking form below has 2 sections. Here is a overview of what each section is about.  Please complete as required, before hitting the ADD TO BASKET button below.

Section 1 (required):  Specific to this Programme
This programme is specifically for Type Sevens. It is a deep dive inner-work programme that is rated as a moderate to very-high intensity experience.1:1 work (outside of the group work) is necessary in preparation for the main retreat.

Section 2 (optional):  Request Assistance: Fee Adjustments 
Use this section if affordability is a challenge, to request assistance.  

These programmes are open to anyone across the globe. And we are well aware that financial circumstances are dynamic and vary greatly across the regions and individuals.  The Quantum Radiance Angel Fund has been put in place, to allow for this. The Angel Fund can step in to supplement a percentage of your fee, allowing you to pay what is affordable and still benefit from the full value of the programme.


  • Each individual using this facility, is trusted to do do so with fairness and integrity to themselves and others, in accordance with the spirit and intention behind this. (For more information, please see description below.)

A special thank you to all who have contributed to the Angel Fund, who have made it possible to provide these options for fellow travelers on their respective journeys.

Programme director and host: Janeshree Govindasamy

NB – Payment gateways and currency options: On the checkout page, you have the option to pay through PayPal (the USD amount) or via PayFast (the equivalent ZAR amount).  (See FAQ section below, for more info on this.)


This deep dive retreat is for enneagram type sevens.  

 A glimpse of some of the territory to be explored in this 1-week journey:

  • the restlessness, the dark side of the lightness and the light side of darkness, the harvesting and storage of ideas, connections, protections, companionships
  • the journey from the wildly flickering flame to the calm, steady light
  • the soaring spirit, of beautiful vision, quiet mind, and content heart
  • right action, purpose and presence... when in harmony with the Holy Plan of Love


Retreat setup and structure:

The group size for the main retreat will be kept at a maximum of 8 participants. The pre-retreat preparation includes at least two 1:1 sessions  which will allow us to prepare for the main retreat, as well as provide you, as the participant, time to work through certain parts of your process outside of the group setting, in a way that is more specific and attuned to you alone. 

The Weekend Workshop (Intro Phase, Sat- Sun):

The journey starts from the surface and from the more familiar enneagram of personality framework.  We will be working with some of the auto-pilot and protection patterns that particularly strong in the type 7 space.  The mirroring provided by fellow type 7s, will bring into view blind-spots and masks, as well as the inherent strengths, gifts, expression of caring, and sensitivities. Each person will gain a much deeper understanding of (and compassion for) themselves, with clarity and perspective that can bring healing and peace.

The weekend group will include also include participants that are just attending the weekend and not the main retreat. However, for the main retreat participants, this will be the time to settle in,  warm up, to really hone in on what they need/want/are ready for, for the week ahead.

Main Retreat (Mon - Fri)

The main retreat group enters a deepening phase on Monday, stepping more fully, into the territory of the Enneagram of Presence.  This will lead to a transition point, usually by Wednesday, that opens up more room to step even closer to the core (Thursday, Friday). The group process ends on Friday. The final Saturday and Sunday are for integration and the integration 1:1 work.

Bookings close:  30 Sep 2023.

What time is this workshop?

Sat 11 Nov
14h00 – 22h00 SAST (GMT +2, South Africa - Johannesburg)
(12h00 – 20h00 London;  07h00 – 15h00 New York)

Sun 12 Nov
14h00 – 20h00 SAST (GMT +2,  South Africa - Johannesburg)
(12h00 – 18h00 London;  07h00 – 13h00 New York)

13 - 19 Nov 2023
Times will be provided on booking confirmation. 


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Important Information

If you are planning to participate in either the weekend workshop or the main retreat, the following information is relevant for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellations and Refunds

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