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Considering whether this Giants Awakening programme is for you?

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  • Visit us on the 4th of August, for the Open Day programme
  • Set up a meeting.

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Open Day (4th August 2024)*

Time: UK 13h00 | NY 08h00 | SA 14h00

Book meeting (20min)*

A 20min chat, over zoom, with Janeshree. Ask your questions. Get a better idea of what this is about.

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Thank you for taking the time to fill this booking form. I look forward to meeting you.


Please note:

  • When filling in your address details on the checkout page, ensure that you include city and country, so that we can calculate your timezone.
  • You will be given login details, once the booking is done. Please keep that safe, you will be given access to the replay sections of the open-day programme, after you have attended.

Any other notes, comments? Requests? Questions?

Total: $ 0.00

Date: 4th August 2024

Times: 08h00 - 14h00 New York (EDT) | 13h00 - 19h00 London (GMT+1)

Online:  zoom link will be sent on booking

Fees: no cost


Anyone considering participating in the Giants Awakening programme, is invited to the Open Day programme. Is this Giants Awakening path the right action for you? Perhaps, perhaps not. You will have a better sense of that after visiting us on the open day. 

Open Day Programme Highlights:

  • Guest speakers and discussions:  The Type Nine Dilemma
  • The reason for the Giants Awakening programme - why and how it came to be
  • Hear from previous Giants Awakening participants
  • Get a feel of the space and people, for yourself
  • Things to consider if you take this path
  • Exit points (shorter programmes) and alternative routes (custom programmes)
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