Inside Story 9 – Test

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26 February 2022

16h00 – 18h30 (GMT) 


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The inside-story on Enneagram 9 and the auto-pilot tendency to accommodate: 

∼ blind-spot alert: saying yes, meaning no ∼  hiding in accommodating others ∼ energy conservation ∼

The Inside Story on Enneagram Type 9s and Accomodation

The 2022 inside story series of workshops are designed and facilitated by Type 9s for Type 9s.

The aim is to support those who are awakening more fully to themselves and their own presence as a 9, with the gifts and challenges that come with.

About this workshop:

If you are planning to attend this workshop on Accommodation, it is an opportunity to engage with how, why, when, how you / we as type 9s, accommodate others and circumstances. 

This pattern of accommodating, is deeply engrained and can show up in many ways, for many reasons.  Sometimes this provides great value for us as well as others.  At other times it is has a detrimental impact on everyone, unwittingly causing pain and loss of trust in the people around us.  This pattern is unfortunately reinforced not just by ourselves as we slumber through the days, but by others - who perceive us as being "nice" and easy to get on with".

Because these patterns are often running by default, they are hidden even from us, unless we become more skilled at remaining awake and learn how to translate our auto-pilot responses into what we really mean. In this workshop, we will look at this pattern, from the inside of the 9 experience, and provide context and insight, so that one can discern better, when to accommodate because it is wise, and when not to. 


About the inside-story-9 series in general:

These Saturday workshops will focus on specific topics taken from existing Enneagram teachings describing the habitual patterns of Type 9. Typically, these are explained and interpreted from an outside-in perspective, which does not provide the full picture and context that 9s often need. In these workshops, participants will be presented with and invited to explore the often untold inside-story on these, benefitting from pragmatic “insider insights” and clarity from experienced, dedicated type 9 teachers who have been actively exploring this terrain. In the singular company, support and mirroring of other 9s, participants will have the chance to better understand and explore their own patterns. The group energy expedites a level of self-awareness which is often difficult to reach when working alone.  With the added clarity and awareness, the doors open for more freedom from restraining patterns and blind spots.

Some Practical Matters

If you are considering attending this workshop...

Here are some little reminders and relevant details  (Especially for those type-9s  who reluctantly engage with the calendar-clock world, but would prefer not to.  And those who want-to-but-don't-want-to think about preparation in advance.)

Have a look through this at at least once so that you can put the pieces together as you need, to be there fully when the time comes.



Workshop Format

These are interactive workshops not a webinar, so please clear the allocated time in your schedule so you are able to participate fully and get the most out of taking part. This approach will include:

• Panels and discussions to draw out key points.

• Breakout rooms to consider the topics raised in smaller groups.

• Practical exercises to heighten awareness of (and freedom from) this pattern.

• Practical exercises to ground more awareness and presence in general.

Participants are free to accept or reject any of the teaching and take only from the session what might be useful for them.

NB - If you are planning to be at this workshop:   As much as this will be an opportunity to actively participate,  it is also completely up to you as to how much you want to engage.  There are two levels of engagement - 1st with yourself, 2nd - with fellow participants.  You are completely free to discern for yourself when/ what / how much to engage, how much you wish to stretch from your comfort zone, and the depth of your exploration.


There is not much to prepare accept to be fully present when you are there.

For anyone who would like to prepare a little more, here are some questions to muse over, before the workshop...

  • "How do I accommodate others?"
  • "When do I accommodate others?"
  • "Are there times when I have agreed (with/to something) but in retrospect  I realised I, in fact, was in disagreement?"
  • "What is in it for me, when I  do the above?"


Zoom Meeting

The Zoom Link for this workshop will be available once you register.

Some things to think of:

  • It will be best if you are set up in a comfortable space that allows for privacy.
  • If there are other people around, have your earphones set up.
  • Preferably have zoom set up on your computer, not on the mobile phone (if will be easier to see and participate).
  • We will have videos on most of the time.  Make sure you are comfortable with your video setup.
  • Anyone requiring assistance with anything around this - please contact us.  If need be we can do a zoom test call and make sure you are ready, so that the technical side of things are not a distraction during the workshop itself.

What time is this workshop?

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16h00 - 18h30 GMT  (use below or calculator here, to convert to your local time...)

London (GMT +0): 16h00 - 18h30 Dubai (GMT +4): 20h00 - 22h30 New York (GMT -5): 11h00 - 13h20
South Africa (GMT +2):  18h00 - 20h30 Seoul (GMT +9): 01h00 - 03h30 (Sun 27 Feb) Los Angeles (GMT -8): 08h00 - 10h30

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