Janeshree Govindasamy, MBChB
Quantum Radiance, Founder

Hello. My name is Janeshree, and I welcome you as you visit this space. A question you may have is, why and how did this come to be? The Quantum Radiance Clinic and Training Centre was created as a natural evolution of my journey over 25+ years of experience in the healing vocation, walking parallel paths as a medical doctor in clinical practice and as a healer in the more metaphysical domains of health.

In my work over time, I saw ever more clearly that the energetics of PRESENCE was the integral piece that tied everything together, health at any level. I was drawn to create and provide a space for the grounding, support and training for anyone seeking greater mastery in the art, science and medicine of their own presence.  The Medicine of Presence came into being, as an integrated, quantum approach that addresses the multi-dimensional nature of health. 

Core Pillars of The Medicine of Presence

Over years of fine-tuning and deepening my perception of what health really is, and is about,  I found with increasing clarity, that it always comes down to a few key elements. These are the core pillars that are integral in the Quantum Radiance space:


Discussions on Presence

an interview

An interview with Dr Janeshree Govindasamy a 20+ year medical doctor and healer who offers Retreats into Presence using the Enneagram among other modalities.

00:00 Intro 01:40 Who is Janeshree?
03:45 How she became clear that presence was integral to healing
07:20 How she relates to the Enneagram 09:50 Janeshree's identification of her type
11:30 Is quality of presence similar to 'essence'?
13:11 How does the Enneagram help us to become more present? Is there a process?
16:41 Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes's levels of awareness model
18:20 How did the Retreats into Presence come to be?
23:04 Does her group work touch on instinct work?
25:05 The limits of studying pathology when it comes to healing
28:22 How Janeshree integrates the HeartMath work
31:20 Is there a go-to presence practice that Janeshree uses?
33:28 How do we embody people?
35:30 The reason that the retreats are structured the way they are.
(Interview Host: The Practical Enneagram)

Health is so much more than the absence of disease. It is to be joyfully alive, awakening each day fresh and eager with childlike anticipation for the day ahead.
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