The Quantum Radiance Clinic and Training Centre, by Dr Janeshree Govindasamy, provides support and space for those who need it. The  ART, SCIENCE & MEDICINE OF PRESENCE programmes, address multi-dimensional health and restoration of harmony in the fundamental relationship with Self (Essence).

 "The core understanding is that the quality of our PRESENCE impacts everyone and everything. Whether or not we are aware of it, each one of us generates a presence - an atmosphere and a field of influence -  that acts either as a medicine or a toxin, benefitting or injuring our loved ones, our world at large and ourselves. 

In time some of us became much more aware of our relationship with ourselves, our purpose, our power and the very real effect of our presence on every level of health and every facet of our human experience.  As we master the art of our own presence, attuning to our natural radiance, we bring things back into balance, into proper perspective and context, enabling us to take appropriate and wise action in our inner and outer worlds. "

 Janeshree Govindasamy

Clinic And Training

All programmes intertwine the clinic function (healing - recovery - balance), with the training centre function (support for long-term self-sufficiency, whole-person wellbeing and mastery of personal presence).

1:1 Programmes

Recalibration, recovery, rejuvenation, re-alignment, next steps... These are customised processes, per person, usually planned over a few weeks or months.  For some, his may also include a 5-10 day deep dive solo retreat along the way.

Group Programmes

Reflect, reveal blind-spots, reset... The power and momentum of a group provides a way to travel far and fast in the company of others, to hear others put words to things we may struggle with, to bear witness and be seen, in ways that heal.

Alive in the World

We are living on this planet, as human beings amongst other people and other beings. Part of multi-dimensional health includes vitality and fullness of life as an embodied being on Earth, and in the world.


Understand, cultivate and sustain high levels of physiological coherence. Supported by research done by Heartmath®, this component is integral in multi-dimensional approach to whole-person health and long-term wellbeing.


The Enneagram of Presence brings personality into the context of Presence.  This component is attuned to core-energetics in healthy systems, and the core aspects of Love that powers that. 


Perspective is a powerful thing. Without proper perspective, the aspiring Student of Presence remains tangled in confusions and stuck in dead-ends that drain health and energy from one's system.  Becoming available to healthier perspectives is key.


Restoring healthy relationship to one's own time-scape, is a key component in multi-dimensional health. Each person's flow of time is unique to them. Awareness, alignment and attunement to that is vital for wellbeing. 


Highlights and Upcoming Events

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This is a glimpse of what's happening in the Quantum Radiance space.  The art, science and medicine of presence is at the core of every programme here, and every path created here. Whether you are a seasoned traveler that has already been journeying in this space or others, or a new-comer that is just stepping in, welcome.


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Giants Awakening 2024

A Journey into Presence for Enneagram Type Nines

The Gates to the Giants Awakening Path are briefly open again, until the 1st of September, to allow the next group of giants through.  For Enneagram Type Nines feeling a stirring and a quickening of the spirit and a need to respond to that inner call, this invitation may just be for you...

Giants Awakening

01 September 2024
For Enneagram Type Nines

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Open Days

29 Jun | 13 Jul | 4 Aug
for Giants Awakening Candidates

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Health is so much more than the absence of disease. It is to be joyfully alive, awakening each day fresh and eager with childlike anticipation for the day ahead.
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