Radiant Affirmations

a quantum radiance card deck

The Radiant Affirmation Card DeckThis is a deck of 72 cards affirming the “aspects of radiance” that is life in its magnificence...  to be enjoyed by anyone looking to master the skills of joyful living.  These are powerful calls from that inner voice, inviting you to remember and affirm the radiance of who you are.

Radiant Affirmations

That which we pay attention to multiplies in our life.  When we are focusing  with appreciation and affirming the harmonic beauty of life,  life showers us with more beauty and harmony.  It is that simple.  As each of us practices this skill of focus, the quality of our lives rise and the lightness of our spirit can truly be experienced.

Immerse yourself in the beauty, inspiration, joy, freedom, wisdom and peace that these cards offer. Let them speak to you of your own life, of the vibrance and wonder of who you naturally are. They will provide a bridge, giving you more access to the immensity of your inner spirit.


What's Inside

Included in this deck are 12 "master cards", powerful calls from the inner-self; 9 "thank you cards" which can be gifted to others as inspired. The deck itself comes with an audio album with each affirmation narrated by the author and a handmade pouch for your deck to rest in when not in use.

Tranquillity Affirmation Card

$55 USD
South Africa:  R750 ZAR


More Information

Here is a little more information on the affirmation cards and the accompanying audio album. Please feel free to contact me with any queries...


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