Giants Awakening 2024

a journey into presence for enneagram type 9s

Invitation to all enneagram type 9’s that are feeling the quickening of their spirit & readiness to answer the call

A Deep Dive into the Presence and Purpose of Enneagram Nine

When a giant awakes, the earth does rumble.
Hearts awake and fear must crumble;
In the light of truth, what's fake is tumbled.
In Love's embrace stand tall and humbled.

This specialised programme is designed for enneagram type nines, that are awakening to the quality of their presence, and the impact of 9-energy running through them and their worlds.

The invitation is to step into a journey, into depths and mysteries of the 9-terrain. We will be allowing time... and space... for unfurling, as we delve into topics and details that plague and power the nine experience, all within the uniquely supportive companionship and mirroring of other type nines.

Why are type nines “giants”? What is the weight that burdens these reluctant , often sleepwalking giants? How are nines affecting the balance and harmony of the whole?

The gates to the Giants Awakening path are opening briefly, until the 1st of September, for the few who are going to be entering. The combination of individual (1:1) and group processes along the way, allows each person their own path while still in harmony with the flow and movement of the group.

Participant Enquiry | Application

Considering whether this may be for you?


Are you considering whether this invitation is for you?  There are a few things in place to help you determine whether you want to take this on. Here are the next steps... visit us at one of the upcoming free open day events.  And contact me to set up a meeting to chat through any details or questions your may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Janeshree Govindasamy

Janeshree, a Type 9 herself, she knows well, the nature of the path. She stands as guide, healer, teacher and witness for those who take this journey.

Hear from Others who have Taken the Journey

discussions and reflections from previous giants awakening participants

Others have walked this path before.  This is some perspective from them...

Enneagram Type Nines Addressing Type Nines

Giants Awakening (2020) participants share some of their reflections on "type nine". These are some responses to the question "What would you like to say to other type nines, from your current perspective?" 

These interviews were done in December 2020, with the group 3 months into their Giants Awakening journey.  

Considering the Invitation

Giants Awakening (2020) participants share some of their reflections on "considering the invitation". These are some responses to the question: "What would you like to say to type nines who may at some point be facing their own invitation to the Giants Awakening Journey?" 

These interviews were done in December 2020, 3 months into Giants Awakening journey. 

Practical Matters

programme structure, dates, times, costs...

The Giants Awakening Programme runs over 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 (The Restlessness of the Slumbering Giant) 2024
  • Phase 2 (The Stretching of the Waking Giant) 2025
  • Phase 3 (The Presence of the Lucid Giant) 2026

*Dates and details for phase 2 and 3 will be provided for those who complete phase 1 and choose to continue into the next phase.
**For those that require a shorter or customised path, there are many options.  These can be discussed when we meet. 


Phase 1

The Restlessness of the Slumbering Giant

Here is an overview of Phase 1 - dates, times, costs, programme structure... 

The journey really begins with considering the invitation (and this is an actual step for you as a type 9... do not underestimate the importance of this step).  Thereafter taking the steps to book at one of the open days and set up a first-contact meeting.

If, after exposure to these events, you are feel that this may indeed be something you are called into and are ready to step into, then your individual process begins with 1:1 sessions (as early as July). This is in preparation for the group process starting in September. 

Jul - Nov 2024

Dr Janeshree Govindasamy

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