The Quantum Radiance Angel Fund

when you need a hand

These Quantum Radiance programmes are open to anyone across the globe. We are well aware that financial circumstances are dynamic and vary greatly across the regions and individuals.  The Quantum Radiance Angel Fund has been put in place, to allow for this. The Angel Fund can step in to supplement a percentage of someone's fee, allowing them to pay what is affordable and still benefit from the full value of the programme.

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Accessing Support From the Angel Fund

The last thing that should get in the way of right action, is affordability.

There are occasions when an opportunity presents itself, that it is clear should be taken, but one does not have the budget for the financial commitment. If you find yourself in this position, please request assistance.  This Angel Fund is able to cover a portion of your programme fees for you. 


Who qualifies to apply?

  • Anyone who is sincerely and deeply committed to their journey and has a strong awareness that the quantum radiance programme in question is a part of their next step, but finds that affordability is a challenge.

How does it work?

  • When booking a workshop or programme, most booking forms will provide a section to apply for assistance if needed. 
  • Alternatively, the application form below, can be used to submit a request for assistance, without booking one's place on a workshop or programme. 
  • The application will be reviewed by the quantum radiance team. 
  • On approval by the programme director, the candidate will be presented with available options for them. The modified programme fee and any payment plan will be finalised after discussion with the candidate.



Inspired to Contribute

Who contributes to the QR Angel Fund?

  • Anonymous contributors, who are inspired to play a role in this way.
  • Some participants who choose to, on completion of certain programmes and workshops.


How to contribute to the QR Angel Fund?

For anyone who wishes to contribute to the QR Angel Fund, there are primarily 2 ways to go about this:

  • Contributions outside of any specific workshop or programme:
    • If anyone is inspired to this, they can discuss directly with Dr. J Govindasamy.
  • After participation in certain workshops or programme:
    • Some participants, on completion of selected workshops or programmes, may choose to contribute a part of their programme fee towards the Angel Fund.


A very special thank you, to everyone who has already contributed to the Angel Fund.


Application Form

Application for custom assistance from The Quantum Radiance Angel Fund

Please provide a short description of why you are interested in this programme.
What percentage of the programme fee, feels affordable for you right now? (Please be candid, so that we may assist you as best as possible.)
Will it be easier to pay in parts, over a period of time? If yes, please describe in brief what feels comfortable and do-able to you. If you there is anything else you would like us to take into consideration, or any other requests, please describe here as well.

Terms and Conditions

This is a facility activated and available from 01 January 2023, for anyone who needs financial relief regarding their programme fees.  

  • This is only for those who legitimately require the relief, and show a very strong commitment to participating in the programme in question. 
  • It is expected of participants, that they use this facility with integrity and fairness, in a responsible way that takes both themselves and others (who may need access to this support) into consideration.
  • If it is perceived that certain participants are abusing the use of this facility, their bookings may be cancelled and they may be blocked from any future participation in any QR programme. 
  • The availability of the QR Angel fund facility, and degree of relief offered may vary for different events, or be changed at any time. This is at the sole discretion of QR management. 
  • The programme director has full authority to determine the extent of support that can be offered to any participant at any given time. 


One of the reasons for this facility being made available, is to ensure that those with sincerity and commitment, who are supposed to participate in any given programme because it truly is the right thing at the right time, are not held because because of financial challenges.  The Quantum Radiance team will always do the very best to ensure that a candidate is accommodated in this regard, within scope of what is possible.

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