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The Radiant Affirmation Card Deck

Congratulations on your new Radiant Affirmation deck.
It is my sincere hope that these affirmations are an enriching and enjoyable experience for you, whenever you engage with them. 

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Step 1

Log in.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you are logged in. If not, log in now (or register, if you do not already have login credentials).


Step 2

Complete the form below. 

If you are logged in, your name and email should be visible already. You will need your deck number (found on the last page of the guidance booklet), to fill in on the form below. Add in your deck number and date of birth, and hit [update] to complete the registration. 

Once your deck is registered, you will have the opportunity to to download the audio album, and to send feedback if you wish. Going forward, you will also have access to resources as an owner and current guardian of a radiant affirmation deck. 




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Radiant Affirmations

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