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Discussions on Presence

A practitioner-style interview with Dr Janeshree Govindasamy (Self-preservation 9), a 20+ year medical doctor and healer who offers Retreats into Presence using the Enneagram among other modalities.

Timestamps in this interview: 00:00 Intro 01:40 Who is Janeshree? 03:45 How she became clear that presence was integral to healing 07:20 How she relates to the Enneagram 09:50 Janeshree's identification of her type 11:30 Is quality of presence similar to 'essence'? 13:11 How does the Enneagram help us to become more present? Is there a process? 16:41 Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes's levels of awareness model 18:20 How did the Retreats into Presence come to be? 23:04 Does her group work touch on instinct work? 25:05 The limits of studying pathology when it comes to healing 28:22 How Janeshree integrates the HeartMath work 31:20 Is there a go-to presence practice that Janeshree uses? 33:28 How do we embody people? 35:30 The reason that the retreats are structured the way they are.  (Interview Host: The Practical Enneagram)

Preview - Presence vs Asleep in Autopilot workshop series

This video provides a glimpse at what we will be exploring in the autopilot accommodation workshop (11 March 2023), the 1st workshop in the series. These workshops bring a spotlight of presence on pivotal patterns that one can easily fall asleep within.   

00:00 Intro 00:38 Talking about the pattern of accommodation / over accommodating 01:43 Importance of understanding the words we use 03:05 Differentiate natural, healthy vs unhealthy use of pattern 04:00 Depletion of energy when unhealthy over-accommodation 06:27 Spotting the pattern 07:54 Percentage give 10:37 Awake vs sleepwalking, choices when awake 12:47 Taking responsibility, impact on others 16:26 The right to choice and quality of life 17:40 Room for movement and change

In this workshop series we bring awareness and explore internal internal and external influences that we are often blind to or have felt powerless to change. We look at the consequences and impact, the strategy and hidden agendas (often a blind spot), and the difference between activating those patterns from a state of presence rather than asleep on autopilot.

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